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The Bravest Beans Coffee Co: An Inspiring Story of Dedication and Service

Glenn Brizendine is the founder and CEO of The Bravest Beans Coffee Co. (BBCC).

He created BBCC to create a better, healthier blend of coffee for firefighters and first responders everywhere.

His mission has been inspired by his own family’s journey with firefighting, and the dream his father had after suffering a massive heart attack on a lifesaving fire run. 

Let’s learn more about this inspiring story of dedication and service.

Glenn’s father was forced to retire at the young age of 43, after suffering the heart attack while on duty.

Though he was devastated, he never gave up on his dream of giving back to the firefighter and first responder community.

This led Glenn to create BBCC as a way to honor his fathers dream of giving back by supporting other firefighters and first responders in need.

Through BBCC, Glenn and his team are able to give back 2% of every sale to foundations and charities that benefit the families of our brave first responders and currently has chosen the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation (NFFF).

They would consider any others that you may want to suggest. Just contact us with your suggestions.

The NFFF is dedicated to honoring America's fallen firefighters and providing resources and support for their families who are left behind.

The NFFF also works hard to reduce firefighter deaths through education and awareness programs, so that no other family has to endure what Glenn’s did when his father suffered from his heart attack all those years ago.

In addition, through BBCC’s partnership with the NFFF they are able to help fund necessary research into health issues faced by firefighters today, such as cancer caused by their exposure to smoke during fires.

The mission of BBCC is one that goes beyond just providing quality coffee—it is about providing an avenue for others like Glenn’s father who have been affected by firefighting-related health issues or tragedy, so that they can be given hope and support during difficult times.

It is also about honoring those brave men and women who have lost their lives in service of their community.

It is truly inspiring when businesses use their platform not only for profit but for good as well.

That is exactly what The Bravest Beans Coffee Co. does through its partnership with the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation (NFFF).

Not only do they provide delicious coffee, but they take it one step further by donating 2% of every sale towards helping those in need within the firefighter and first responder community.

To learn more about how you can help support this cause, visit TheBravestBeans.com…OH…wow…I almost forgot…don’t forget to pick up a bag of the freshest, most delicious coffee on the internet today…and sit back and enjoy knowing you’re making a difference in someone’s life one cup of Joe at a time…😊.

Thank you for your dedication and help!

Our Mission

"Making A Difference, One Cup Of Joe At A Time"

At The Bravest Beans Coffee Co., our mission is to brew not just coffee, but compassion and community. Every cup of our delicious, organic, non-GMO coffee you sip is a salute to the brave first responders who put their lives on the line for us daily.

Our coffee is more than just a beverage; it's a bond between you and the heroes of our society. Each purchase you make is a tangible token of gratitude, a way of giving back to the families of those who may one day rush to our aid, risking injury or even their lives.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to social responsibility and environmental sustainability. Our low-acidic coffee is not only a delight to your palate but also kind to our planet, being free from insecticides and pesticides.

So, as you savor the rich, full-bodied flavor of our premium coffee, remember that each sip is a contribution towards a noble cause. By choosing The Bravest Beans Coffee Co., you're not just enjoying an exquisite brew, you're standing shoulder to shoulder with brave families who give their all for our safety. Our coffee is a celebration of their courage, and your participation in this journey makes you a part of our mission. Enjoy a cup and join us in honoring these unsung heroes.