Brewing Hope and Honor-Our Story

Brewing Hope and Honor

At The Bravest Beans Coffee Co. (BBCC), we're more than just
coffee. Founded by Glenn Brizendine, BBCC is a tribute to the legacy of first
responders like his father, a firefighter forced to retire early due to a heart
attack on duty. This experience fueled Glenn's dedication to give back, leading
to the birth of BBCC—a company committed to supporting the heroes who risk
their lives for us every day.

With every cup of our premium blend coffee, you're part of a
greater mission. BBCC proudly donates 2% of every sale directly to the National
Fallen Firefighters Foundation (NFFF). This partnership aims to honor the
memory of fallen heroes and provide essential support to their families. The
NFFF also engages in vital efforts to prevent firefighter fatalities through
education and advocacy.

Our choice to support the NFFF reflects our deep respect for
the sacrifices made by firefighters, policemen and women, paramedics, nurses,
and all first responders. Their bravery in the face of danger leaves families
grieving and in need of our help. Through our 2% pledge, we're committed to
making a difference in the lives of those left behind.

Join us in this heartfelt mission. Every purchase not only
brings you the finest coffee but also contributes to a noble cause. Together,
we can honor the sacrifice of our bravest and support the families who face the
ultimate loss.

Discover more and make your purchase count at Enjoy a cup of Bravest Beans coffee and sip with pride,
knowing you're part of a community dedicated to giving back, one cup at a time.

Thank you for choosing to make a difference with us.

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We donate 2% of our total sales to the National Fallen Fire Fighters Foundation

BBCC is a specialized brand of hand-roasted coffee blends; created by FireFighters, for, ALL FIRST RESPONDERS. We donate a portion of every sale to help the families left behind when those special heroes choose to give their lives in the line of duty.

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